Regular tour with local guide speaking English, Spanish or Portuguese, prices ​​already include entrance and this tour is done in motor coach.

We will pick up passengers at most hotels on the Strip, at thecheck in passengers are separated according to the tour they will make.

On the way to the west edge of the Grand Canyon the vehicle makes a stop and then only stops in the park. The journey takes 2 hours and a half. Time to stay in the park is 3 hours where passengers will have the opportunity to meet the Guano Point, Eagle Eye (home of the famous Skywalk which is an optional attraction), and go to the Ranch where they will go to lunch (lunch included at the entrance of the park). After lunch return to Las Vegas.

Reschedules available by contacting our office at 702-489-9019 or 1844-478-2225. Cancellations with 5 days prior to the tour for private and for regular there is no cancellation, only reschedule.


    $169.00 PP
    Additional Helicopter and Boat ride and Skywalk are available upon request. Additional $ 35.00 for the Skywalk and an additional $ 155.00 for the Helicopter and Boat ride.

    $150.00 PP
    Additional helicopter in the South Rim $ 180.00. Visit to Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Tours